Akra Builders

Case Study

Akra Builders has been a trusted leader in commercial construction since 1974. Built on a legacy of innovative ideas, quality craftsmanship, and lasting client relationships, they are known for providing dynamic, building solutions for clients across the nation.

The experience & creativity of their team really comes through in their unique, cutting edge designs and projects. We helped them to modernize their brand to one that better reflects their work, while embracing their legacy of strength and integrity.


Exceeding expectations. Building solutions.

We started with a logo redesign. The wide stance symbolizes the strength and stability of their legacy and work.  The descending “A” is a familiar characteristic from their old logo, connecting where they have been to where they are going.

We introduced a healthy doses of solid black to the color pallete, reflecting the strength of their reputation, while incorporating angular branding elements throughout to reflect the cutting edge aspects of their projects.

An all new website was developed, using imagery and footage that properly showcases the dynamic building solutions that AKRA is known for.

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