5 Reasons Your Website Should Be Just As Up-To-Date As Your Social Media Accounts

5 Reasons Your Website Should Be Just As Up-To-Date As Your Social Media Accounts

A website is an important marketing tool for any company. It allows customers to learn more about your products and services and helps push them farther down the path to conversion. It also provides a destination point for your social media and other digital marketing efforts.

Businesses of all sizes dedicate a lot of time and people- resources to keep their social media accounts active and up-to-date. Unfortunately, many often overlook the importance of keeping their website up to date. Here are five reasons you should invest the resources to keep your website up-to-date:

  1. Get Found on Google
  2. Increase your Online Visibility
  3. Establish A Digital Advertising Destination
  4. Build Trust and Credibility with Customers
  5. Capture Marketing Insights

Get Found on Google 

People use Google, the most popular search engine in the world, to search for practically everything. This includes searching for products, services, destinations, events, etc. Google prioritizes the delivery of its results based on the performance of your website according to its algorithm. For example, Is it mobile-friendly? Is it secure? Is the content unique and updated? Is it optimized for SEO? Is the website listed on a verified Google My Business profile? Etc.

Our advice: Review your website to ensure that it is mobile-friendly, has an SSL certificate, and the CMS is up-to-date. (AND – claim your GMB page!)

Increase your Online Visibility

If you can believe it, not everyone is on social media. A website gives your business an online presence outside of the social media platforms.

Our advice: Create free profiles in popular directory listings (Bing, Yahoo, etc.)

Establish A Digital Marketing Destination

Digital marketing offers an excellent opportunity to make a first impression with your ad, but you don’t want to stop there. You want to drive potential customers to your website for the best conversion opportunities. All online marketing products will require a website destination page of some kind.

Our advice: Don’t get duped into spending advertising dollars if your website or landing page doesn’t put your best presentation forward.

Build Trust and Credibility with your Customers

Investing in an up-to-date website shows that you are serious about your products or services and builds trust and credibility with your customers. It provides you the opportunity to share information about your company and why it is important to you. People do business with people they feel like they know and trust. Your website is an essential gateway to creating a digital relationship with your online customers.

Our advice: Invest in commercial photography and video services for your website. Today’s consumer desires authenticity, not stock photography.

Capture Marketing Insights

Website tracking tools like Google Analytics are free. You can learn information about how many website visitors you have, what top pages they visit, the city or country they are visiting from, and more. If you are participating in paid digital marketing, you can see if those campaigns are driving traffic to your website.

Our advice: Make sure you have Google Analytics installed on your website and that you have access to them as an administrator. It’s your website, your data.

Set aside the time to review your website and dedicate the time and resources to keep it current. First impressions are critical. If it looks like you care about your website, customers will have the confidence that you care about them, too.

If you are interested in having your website evaluated, or would like a custom website proposal, we would be happy to help!

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