Dieterich Unit 30 Schools

Case Study

The Dieterich Illinois school district came to us with a fun rebranding project. They were looking for an all new unified look for the school district, as well as the athletic program.

Over the years, their athletic branding had become significantly disjointed. They wanted to keep the Movin’ Maroons name for the High School, as well as their Roadrunner as the symbolic mascot. The Roadrunner would also remain as the official name/mascot of the Jr. High/Elementary athletics.

The district also needed a complete academic identity package to go along with the new athletic look. They also wanted help developing a tagline and brand messaging to better tell their core mission.


For the Athletics, we needed to give them an all original, tougher Roadrunner. We started by sketching out some rough concepts, then narrowed down and progressed to a finished look that was clean, modern and unique to Dieterich Schools.

On the Academic side, we collaborated with their team to identify their core mission, then created a logo system & brand language encompassing the core objectives of Educate, Engage & Empower. We developed an easy to follow, comprehensive branding guide for unit wide use.

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