Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager

Due to our continued growth, we are adding a full time Social Media Manager to our growing team!

Do you love keeping up with all the latest social media platforms and features? Can you see yourself representing multiple businesses simultaneously? This position is a fast-paced, multi-tasker’s dream with opportunity to test the limits of social media platforms in marketing and business development. With an ever-changing demand for social media delivery methods and new strategies continuously rolling out, the Social Media Manager must always be learning. Developing content and reinforcing brands via social media is only brushing the surface of this multi-layered position. The ultimate endgame is turning fans into long-term customers.

Job Description:

The Social Media Manager will manage and oversee each social media client’s marketing and advertising efforts. Also, develop content and complimenting material for ongoing support for partner social media clients. Some administration includes but not limited to:

  • Content calendar planning and implementation
  • Brand reinforcement and online reputation
  • Staying current with client’s news and events
  • Continuous communication with client
  • Create and publish relevant, engaging and original content
  • Develop strategy to improve social media growth
  • Identify new/current opportunities for content development
  • Promote content through social media advertising


A Social Media Manager must communicate with the team and work together in an overall plan to elevate a client’s brand identity and/or campaign efforts. Engaging with graphic designers and web developers is key in creating a cohesive theme and message for clients. Collaborating with other team members for continuous improvement of existing efforts and to develop new strategies/ideas is vital in staying both current and original. Specific responsibilities but not limited to:

  • Track and evaluate success rate of content calendar
  • Understand each client’s goals and stay within contract agreement
  • Manage assigned budget per client and track ROI
  • Learn and understand trends within each client’s market
  • Keep clients current and within agreed scope of work
  • Routine follow-up and communications with client account contact
  • Set objectives for areas of improvement (engagement, web traffic, etc)
  • Continuously improve promotion and content strategy
  • Always look for opportunities to grow for both ourselves and clients

Recommended Skills and Previous Experience:

Having a well-rounded resume with real-world application is always an added bonus. Certain skills are a necessity when it comes to the Social Media Manager position. Below is a list of skills that would definitely be an added bonus when applying:

  • Graphic Design Ability
  • Photography
  • Communication Skills
  • Prior Marketing/Advertising Experience
  • Creative Mindset
  • Understanding of Social Media Platforms and Trends
  • Copy Writing Skills
  • Organization
  • Customer Service
  • Decisive and Logical Thinker
  • Good Time Management
  • Team Player with Confidence to Lead

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